KF94 Clean Dust (Respirator) Mask

KF94 Clean Dust (Respirator) Mask

Submitted by bagani on Fri, 03/19/2021 - 15:41

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KF94 Clean Dust (Respirator) Mask


    - Republic of Korea


    (1) 3-Layered high-efficiency filter structure (Easier to breathe)

         - consists of outer, inner and main electrostatic filter(Melt Blown).
         - effectively blocks dust, air pollutant such as yellow dust, particulate matters (PM10)
           and droplets.

    (2) Folding 3D-shape structure
         - is able to breathe comfortably even when wearing a mask with wide space.

    (3) Adjustable metal 2-core nose bar
         - provides comfortable fit by softly sealing on your nose.
         - prevent you from condensation on eye-glasses.

    (4) Extension hook
         - helps to minimize stress to your ears, and to provide well-protection for your face
           and mouth to block bacteria in the air better.

    (5) Particle Collection Efficiency ≥ 94%

    (6) Facial Inhalation Resistance ≤ 7.2mmH2O

    (7) Leakage Rate ≤ 11%


    - US. FDA Approved.
    - Korea FDA Certified. (KF94)



    (1) Mask Size 
         - 205mm * 157mm (Unfolded)
         - 205mm * 75mm  (Folded)


    (2) Packaging
        - 1 Piece (Individually Sealed)           
          Size: 250x119x2mm(W/D/H)

        - 1 Inner Box
          Quantity: 50pcs
          Size: 250x119x285mm(W/D/H)

        - 1 Carton
          Quantity: 400pcs (8-inner Boxes inside)
          Size: 516x495x303 mm(W/D/H)
          Weight: 6.4 Kg/Carton