[FILLUMINATE]Unisex Bread Open Collar Shirt

[FILLUMINATE]Unisex Bread Open Collar Shirt

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About FILLUMINATE: Based on the factor of casual which anybody can easily wear to relax, FILLUMINATE is manufacturing unisex streetwear in the fast-changing fashion trend. FILLUMINATE is trying to present clothing that is universal and keeps up with current trends. You will be able to see FILLUMINATE follows the idea of being faithful to basic, while it keeps pace with the times.



  1. Made of cotton fabric with a stripe pattern.
  2. It has red stripes which add points to the shirt. And it is designed with details of a bowling shirt. This product is a neat item that easily matches with other clothes.
  3. There are Ivory / Navy colors. Both colors of the shirt are soft and unique that make them go well with any other outfits.
  4. This product is unisex and slightly over-fit button-down shirt. You may choose to differentiate the fit by choosing different size of the product. The waistline is neatly cut straight.
  5. When you wash the product, hand wash in cold water. And lay it down to dry. Or dry-clean it.



Product Name: UNISEX Bread Open Collar Shirt

Fabric: Cotton 100%

Color: Ivory / Navy

Size: M, L



M    CHEST: 56cm / SHOULDER: 45m / ARM: 22.5cm / TOTAL LENGTH: 73.5cm

L     CHEST: 58.5cm / SHOULDER: 49m / ARM: 23.5cm / TOTAL LENGTH: 76cm


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